About Joni Stuker

For over 25 years Joni has brought a personal vibrant
approach to automotive consulting. Proudly, all of her
business is derived from repeat and referral customers.

A prior host and creator to several ASTN programs;
Three times an NADA speaker; she has addressed 12 state
conventions; Numerous dealer 20 groups; conducted many
state association workshops; as well as worked directly
on special projects for Pontiac; Chevrolet; Chrysler;
Mercedes; Cadillac; Honda; Fordand Infinity.

Over the past 2 years - Joni's expertise has been
requested to work within the area of NASCAR;
along with the Resort Industry; RV products and
dealerships; the Amusement Park Industry.

Recently, Joni has participated on international tourism
boards and addressed high level government sessions.
Joni's professional motto is, "we are only as good as the
results our client's achieve".

Dedicated from the heart, all owners have come to
recognize and rely upon her personal commitment.
Let's face it, most dealers today are still failing or
sub-par performing within the areas of communication.
Joni has the solutions to this problem.